08 Jun

Brahma Nirvana Achala Peetham

Brahma Nirvana Achala Peetam was established by Achala Peetadhipati, Abinavaanu Sandhana Deekshitulu Poornaananda Rajayogi garu in the year 1968. Achala Aashramam was established in Nannur village of Orvakal Mandal, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh State, India and registered on 25th March 1987 as a non profit organisation.

Brahma Nirvana Achala Peetam teaches about Achala Siddantam, which is an ancient teaching practice passed on from Lord Shiva to Lord Vishnu to Lord Surya Bhagavan to Yaagnavalki Maharshi to King Janaka to Suka Yogi to Saandeepa Maharshi to Lord Sri Krishna. Then Lord Krishna passed these teachings to many of his followers including his wife Rukmini, Vuddava, Durvaasa, Nrigu Maharshi and Arjuna.

From here Achala Siddantam came to Sridhara Swamy by guru parampara. Sridhara Swamy passed on Achala Siddantam to Sri Siva Rama Deekshitulu. Sri Siva Rama Deekshitulu has described Achala Siddantam in detail in his Brihadwaasista grandham. From this point onwards Achala Siddantam has continued to spread through guru parampara.

Achala Siddantam has been known for many Yugas but not widely publicised due to its unique method of teaching. Achala Siddantam until now has been taught on a one to one basis where a Guru teaches his Disciple. Poornaananda Rajayogi garu has now decided to spread Achala Siddantam to a wide community with an intention to deliver the importance and keep alive these teachings.

Achala Siddanatam teaches about Janma Raahityam, (no further birth after death) because human beings are continually taking birth and death by Sankalpam (wishes and desires), leaving aside the importance of being a human being. Sankalpam means the materialistic desires and wishes of human beings such as myself, my family, my children and my wealth. Unless you rid yourself of Sankalpam, you will never be able to achieve Janma Raahityam , which is also called Parama Padam.

There is a general belief among people that through Poojas, Bhajans, Dhyanams, and Yogas one can attain Moksha. Because of your Satkarma (good actions) you may attain Moksha, but can not avoid further birth and no one is sure what the next birth is going to be. Everything depends on the Karmas that we perform as a living being. Because of accumulated satkarma in so many births we get human life and the karmas in this life direct the next life, and there is no guarantee of getting human life in the next birth. To get another human life we may have to take thousands or millions of births and deaths or this cycle of birth and death may never end.

So it is essential to each and every human being to attain Janma Raahityam or Parama Padam to avoid the cycle of births and deaths. Only human beings are capable of achieving Janma Raahityam and if we miss this opportunity as a human being, we may miss forever and continue to suffer the pains of births and deaths.

We have developed this website in Telugu because all the teachings and related material is available in Telugu only. Our Guru Poornaananda Rajayogi garu , has written many books in Telugu and all His teachings are available in the form of Telugu audio also We are trying to translate this material into English and it will be available in the near future. Interested people may contact for the copies of Teachings and you can listen to some of the teachings and related topics of Achala Siddantam in the downloads page or read them in the teachings page.